Saturday, August 05, 2006

We Are In This Together

Teaching and Learning
Remembering and Reminding
Healing and Being Whole

All are the same.
We are in this together.
No one less.
No one more.
No one left outside.
Not one left behind.

Some linger.
Some rush to the gate.
All will awaken and enter in due time.
And some will wait.

We are here to walk into the expanded awareness of the Love We Are.
We are here to encourage, empower and strengthen our Union in time.
We are here to heal both within and without.
What is given is received, by those who share what they believe.

It is time to honor heaven's door.
Right here right now, not a minute more.
You can have and be it all,
If you let go of all you think you are
And all you believe you know.

Healing is the process of remembering you are whole.
Remembering is forgetting what you have been taught was so.
Learning is receiving what your inner Spirit provides.
This life is the sacred place where we learn and heal and grow.

I am learning and healing and growing as I remember through you and these Loving Reminders,
Betty Lue

"Only one equal gift can be offered to the equal sons of God and that is full appreciation."
A Course in Miracles