Monday, August 14, 2006

Want to Fix or Change Someone?

It is not up to us to correct anyone.
It is arrogant to believe we know the right path for someone else.
It is foolish to think we can guide another better than Higher Power.
It is ignorant to trust that we know what is inside another.

If we are here to heal and make whole and holy, how do we begin?
Begin within. See healing, wholeness and holiness in everyone.
Believe in the Goodness, beauty and perfection of God's Love.
Trust that our work is always within ourselves.

"Those who see themselves as whole make no demands."

The messages I would give to another are always for myself.
What I see in another is always about what I know or have seen in myself.
How I treat another represents how I treat, think of and speak about myself.
My relationships demonstrate my relationship with myself.

When we are at peace, we extend peace.
When we are complaining, we offer complaints.
When we are trying to change, we work on others' changes.
When we love and accept ourselves, we love and accept others.

Life gives us infinite opportunities to love one another, even as we love ourselves.
In our journey, we can see our Holy and healing work by the way we are loving those in our world.

May I walk in Love and see only Love.
May I live at peace and extend only Peace.
May I create with Joy and share my joy for all Creation.

Let all that is true and whole and beautiful bless and prosper everyone everywhere.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue