Thursday, August 17, 2006

Respect Those You Love

Are you understanding?
Are you accepting?
Are you compassionate?
Are you caring?
Are you nourishing?
Are you inspiring?
Are you forgiving?

To dump our toxins on loved ones seems like shooting ourselves in the foot.
To attack someone we claim to love with complaints, judgments, unforgiveness seems foolish.
The only reason for attack, "bitching" and making the other feel guilty is to dump our own guilt.
When we take impeccable care of ourselves and honor our agreements, there is no judgment.

Every upset is a past similar in which we forgot to love, usually from our own childhood.
We project our unhealed stuff, our unconsciously chosen misunderstandings onto others.
We blame someone else for our withholding love from those we have chosen to love and cherish.
Children, parents and our partners most often are the dumping ground for toxic material.

When you catch yourself having angry, ugly or blaming thoughts, stop yourself, go to the bathroom or some PRIVATE place.
Dump and flush. Poop belongs in the toilet.
Harming someone by making them feel guilty or bad about doing what for them was the best they could do in the moment serves no one. To encourage people to do their best, we must do our best all the time.
To inspire others to be more conscious, we must be more mindful.
To invite others to be more aware is to be more aware ourselves.
When we give or messages of criticism or blame with anger or hurt, we only encourage others to do the same.

Our children cry and rage because of what they see and learn from the adults in their lives.
Partners learn how to treat themselves and their spouse by how their spouse treats herself and them.
We are all teaching the world most by our choices, our behaviors and how we speak about others.

There is no need to talk about what needs to be forgiven and flushed.
There is no need to punish for deeds done when no alternative were offered.
Children and adults respond best to Love and praise.
People want to be nurtured and guided, not belittled, intimidated and punished.

Speak about no one, unless you would want the same said about you.
Talk to, preach and teach others only in a manner which would feel respectful and encouraging to you.
Negative motivators serve only to intimidate, separate and cause resistance and fear.
Love is patient, encouraging, supportive and understanding.

Give Love today and Love will give to you.
Teach only Love, and you will Love You,
Betty Lue

Remember most human beings are tired, hungry or feel unloved when they are cranky and complaining.
Feed them love, gratitude and the rest will bring healing and closeness.