Tuesday, August 08, 2006


If you are blaming someone or something for your problems, you dis-empower yourself.
When you are the 'victim' of your history, bad luck or your failures, you dilute your possibilities.
When you see yourself as "at the effect" of life's circumstances, you forget to be "at cause".
Taking full responsibility is the key to easy, effective and immediate choice and change.

Spiritual laziness and unwillingness to be responsibility are the primary two disablers in life.
Spiritual laziness is having no discipline, forgetting to practice what you teach and not doing what works. To be a disciple of any philosophy, teaching or truth principles is to live daily in all relationships what you believe. When you are unwilling to practice with everyone including yourself, you lack commitment.
Irresponsibility comes from fearing the blame and criticism you give to others.
We don't want to be treated as we treat others, so we deceive ourselves into thinking it is all their fault.
Taking total responsibility for the quality of your life and your relationships is the quick way to cure.
When I know I am responsible, I can do something practical and positive immediately.

Trust will settle every problem now.
When I don't know what to do, I can shift to trust my thinking to know.
When I think it is someone else's responsibility, I become helpless to do anything.
When I take full responsibility, my work is to enable myself to respond from the highest within me.

Our holy and healing work is to stop the habitual learned games that yield the same results.
If what we have been doing has not worked, we must stop, become aware and choose again.

Where we judge, we fear.
Where we fear, we blame.
Where we blame, we weaken ourselves and others.
Where we weaken ourselves, we feel helpless and hopeless.
Where we feel helpless and hopeless, we are in despair, depression and apathy.

Where we forgive, we love.
Where we love, we bless.
Where we bless, we strengthen ourselves and others.
Where we strengthen ourselves and others, we feel powerful and happy.
Where we feel powerful and happy, we are effective, helpful and inspired.

Loving you,
Betty Lue