Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Outer Relationships Reflect Our Inner Relationship

"There is Only One of us.
In Your eyes, it's me I see.
There is only One of us.
You are my reflection."

What if there is only One to Love?
Could you love yourself more?
Could you be more understanding and patient?
Could you be more gentle and kind?
Could you be more honest and principle-centered?

What if the way you are seeing others is the way you see yourself?
What if the way you judge others is the way you judge yourself?
What if the way you love and hate others is the way you love and hate yourself?
What if this world of multiple relationships is teaching you how to love You?

Are you patient with your impatience?
Are you gentle with your harsh thoughts?
Are you loving away your fears?
Are you forgiving of all your mistakes/
Do you take time to provide well for you?
Are you giving nurturing, appreciation and fun to yourself?
Do you make love with yourself regularly?
Are you respectful with all your teaching and learning?
Do you honor the healing and growth in your life?

When we look outside for someone to give us what we have denied ourselves, we will be disappointed.
Others have their own work to do.
Others are learning to love themselves, too.
Others remember and forget just like we do.

Our primary work is to be in right relationship with ourselves.
Our real work is to forgive our judgments of ourselves and remember Love.
Our greatest work is to love the fear, the mistakes, the denial, the sacrifice, the ignorance within.
Our most effective relationship work is to begin within.

Build within yourself whatever you experience is missing outside.
Then give what you have given yourself to others.
In this, you build a new world of perfect Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Last week we had temperatures in the mid 90”s with no AC, so.......
Wow! We were all melting together.
But lots of drinks. And lots of hugs and love!
And in our pool we cooled off!