Thursday, August 31, 2006

Keep It Simple

Aloha! Ready for the next adventures...and there are many coming this month!
Fabulous time with eleven of us on “Awakening Retreat” on Kona.
Next retreats being planned for March and July in 2007.
Going for two next year because want to keep them small and ohana “family”.
Dolphin swim, massage and music all added special blessings.
Good food, good fun, good friendship and fun, safe and easy awakening for all.
Glad to be here sharing with you all again.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

How do we rebuild our families?
How do we create safety and peace in our homes?
How do we nurture a generation of trust and freedom?
How do we remember Love is Who We Are?

Slow down.
Smile at everyone.
Speak to strangers.
Get to know the people who serve you.

Eat dinner together.
Play games as a family.
Take time off for day trips.
Work together to make your house a home.

Give everyone full appreciation.
Treat everyone with respect.
Never assume others know what you want.
Teach them patiently.

Take care of your own business and behavior.
Allow others to learn from their own life experiences.
Be a listener first in order to understand.
Share you feelings and thoughts authentically.

Take time.
Give care.
Honor others.
Teach by example.

Keep it simple and build the relationships you really want.
Loving you all as part of my inspirational family,
Betty Lue