Friday, August 11, 2006


To understand and accept our differences is to uncover our essential similarities.
To honor and respect our unique paths is to acknowledge that our destination is the same.
To love one another as we are loved by God is to recognize there is only the Love of God.
All paths lead to the Goodness, Wisdom and Mercy of God within each and every One.

"By whatever path you come to me, I will welcome you."
Is it true that your God and mine is the same?
Is it possible that all men are seeking the same peace?
Is it real that fighting and forgiving are two different paths seeking the same outcome?

I was raised in a pacifist family.
I have an aversion to war for any reason.
I understand from my father's teaching that the "boys" who are carrying the guns may have a family and a faith just like our soldiers.

I know that every mother wants her children to thrive in safety and prosperity.

I can only imagine that the Source that created us wants the same and more for one and all.
I must believe that it is not my doing that will create this outcome, but the work of each from within.
It is in our deepest relationship with the Divine, the All-knowing and All-loving One that we come to our purpose.
It is through or relationships with one another that we realize and realign ourselves with our path in life.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent and shine forth the essential Love from which I have come.
I know this Love in the core of my being.
I need not know how or what to do or say, because the love within directs and guides my way.
I know that in my healing, my forgiveness and my peace, that others will be reminded of this peace within.

The Peace begins in me.
Betty Lue

Remember you can call for those brief coaching and counseling dilemmas.
When in doubt, forgive and extend PEACE!

May Peace and Love prevail within each and everyone of my relationships now and now and now.
We may be different, but we can love one another.