Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Are You Alone?

In what do you believe?
Do you stand alone or is there something greater?
Is there some underlying Power or Presence in this great creation?
Do you ever feel alone and afraid?

Do you believe in Goodness?
Do you believe in Love?
Do you believe in family?
Do you believe in science?

Are there opposing forces?
Is this a random universe with no meaning?
Are you here to struggle and survive for no purpose?
Is there a calling, a reason, a Truth for which you came?

Whether Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Native American, Mormon, Jew or Gentile, all believe.
Whether scientist, clinician, agnostic, humanitarian, physician, fundamentalist, all believe in something.
Whether you believe in your ancestors, the dearly departed, or the children and generations yet to come,
You believe in something. In this is your faith, your fortune and your future.
For it is by your beliefs that your values, your livelihood and your life purpose is formed.

Where you doubt, question, avoid, judge, separate and hold yourself alone, you feel weak and afraid.
Believe in something beyond your separate and vulnerable self.
Believe in the greater Good that is your desire.
Believe in the Love you have for children, for beauty, for life itself

Goodness or God?
By whatever name you call that which you believe, your faith will make you whole.
Faith banishes fear.
Believe in something that speaks to your mind and lives in your heart.

Give yourself time to listen and learn…….in what do you believe?
Believing in the Love we share,
Betty Lue

We are practicing our crooked faces for you to laugh!
You should hear us snort. We are really good at that, too!

Grandma and Grandpa love to laugh at us and with us.