Sunday, July 23, 2006

Winning and Losing

In the end we will all win together.

Ego works hard to never lose.
Ego wants to always win.
Ego is willing to do whatever it takes.
Ego seeks to win its own way.

Spirit works for the Good of All.
Spirit seeks no losers.
Spirit guides us to be truly helpful.
Spirit offers to give All to All to have All.

Where we resist losing or seek to win, we are obeying ego.
Where we give our best and trust in the Highest Outcome, we are listening to Spirit.
Where anyone loses, we all lose.
Where all win, everyone is prospered.

Let us choose to within within.
Let us choose the path where all can win.
Let us choose to compete no more.
Giving our All is what we're here for.

So be it.

Betty Lue