Thursday, July 27, 2006

We Are Family

Everyone is my sister and brother.
Everyone is equal partner.
Everyone is my teacher and my student.
Everyone is my friend.

"How can that be?", you may say.
If we have one Father, one Creator and One Source, how can it not be?
Infinite Mind, All That Is, the Great Mystery, has given us one another to remember.
We find ourselves in relationships to find what is missing and to heal what is wounded.

There are those with whom we feel compassion, and those for whom we feel disdain.
All offer us opportunities to find and express the Love within ourselves.
There are those we fear and those we judge.
All offer us reminders to forgive our thinking and our past, to return to Love now.

There are times when we are challenged, conflicted and confused.
Those are times to be quiet, to reflect and listen within.
There are times when we are called to reach out, to nurture and provide.
Those are times when we let the Goodness within be our Guide.

No man is an island.
No man stands alone.
No one can play all the parts.
No life is above it all.

Life demonstrates that we need each other to thrive.
Life shows us we want each other to enjoy and celebrate.
Life gives us chances to change our mind and behavior.
Life invites us to forgive and love us All.

In love, we heal.
For love, we feel.
As love, we are real.
With Love, we appeal.

Love is the way to remember what is true.
Fear is the way to forget.
Love is the way to serve and heal us all.
Fear is the way to cause separation and build walls.

You can remember and never forget.
Look at the children and see the light within.
You can find the forgotten, neglected and lost child in the eyes of those you fear.
You can bring them comfort with your smile and with your tears.

Trust the love within you.
You will find the way.
Betty Lue