Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stuff about Me

Everything you never asked, but some stuff you might want to know?

My truths are simple and the facts are just stuff.
These loving reminders are for me….and for you, if you want them.
In late 1998 when we moved back to CA and I wondered what Spirit wanted me to do, I was invited to sit at the computer (I was then computer-phobic), listen , write and share with friends across the country.
Being a faithful inner listener and obedient follower of Spirit, I began. I have formally listened within, written and followed my inner guidance since November 1976.
For 15-30 minutes each morning, I sit at my computer with a quiet mind and write what I hear within.
Usually, I do not edit or correct the spelling. You get what I get. I am aware that the message is first for the messenger, so I receive the healing Goodness for my own life and relationships. I share these reminders with you as I am guided, because often you tell me how perfectly they fit, heal and awaken.

Spiritual Truth is very simple, plain and practical and highly useful and effective.
When I live the Truth I hear and know, my life is fun, safe and easy.
When I live the Truth of these Loving Reminders, there is gift in everything and flow is natural.

Your Truth may be different than mine, for we are in different places on our spiritual journey.
Your Truth may come in different forms than mine, because our radios are tuned in differently.
Your Truth may be directed towards problems, concerns or reminders that are part of your healing.
Your Truth may be very personal, and situation specific, as mine is usually impersonal and global.

My more personal stuff, for your information: Please delete if uninterested!
Currently, Robert and I, life partners for 21 years are with our granddaughters in Alameda or Petaluma, from 7AM-6PM three days/week. This is joyful, silly, entertaining and very loving family time. Spirit is at work in our grandchildren.
It is there with our children, we can so easily foster: Love or Fear? Yes or No? Good or Bad?

On July 2, I partnered with old friend (plus Robert, our silent partner and my intern) to open The Center for Conscious Living in a suite of offices, I had leased in the early 90's and left to to begin an attitudinal and holistic healing retreat center in Bloomington, IN.
My life is full, teaching two evening classes/week in Relationship Coaching and Naturally Healthy Living.
The Living Ministry Training Program has regenerated itself once again with seven active students and getting applications ready.
My phone coaching and counseling clients, family, spiritual friends and students continue to educate, enlighten and inspire me to continue growing, healing, learning and creating my own life to be fully conscious and responsible for the quality of my life of service.
My life mission is to be the space of trust and freedom (LOVE), where Love is remembered and wholeness restored.
My work is fun, safe and easy and play for me 24 hours/ 7 days/week.
I include everything, doing the wash or grocery shopping, or leading a group or creating a new workshop.
Everywhere I go, I am listening and following my inner guidance to live in Love and give with Joy.

My current wonderful miracle is recently applying for the part-time ministry position at The Home of Truth.
Guided to this new thought and interfaith church in Alameda many times over the years, I was called to attend a service in April and ask if there was a ministry opening, and there was! Now the process is in place and Spirit's work is at hand as the ministry candidates and procurement committee gather in faith to find a better way to service God and all humanity with Higher Truth, in Love and Joy. It is unfolding!

Life with Robert is fabulous. He is most respectful, willing and appreciative of our life together and the healing and Holy work, we hold dear. His own path is to remember to use his body and mind with loving ease, rather than push to accomplish and achieve.
Robert continues to be my support, my able helper, best friend and spiritual partner. For this I thank God for our miraculous union in 1985.

Some have asked:
When my life seems chaotic, fatiguing, stressed or unbalanced, what do I do?
I stop (take a break), breathe deep (renew my Spirit), listen within and follow what I hear.
If I am way out of whack, I might take a short nap, lay down and belly breathe or take a walk focused on the beauty I see.
I have developed techniques in 64 years which keep me energized, focused, in love and positive.
I use what works and I let go of what doesn't serve me.
I still experiment occasionally with new foods or stuff that sounds good, but mostly I need to adhere to what I know from within.
I rarely read books from cover to cover, because all of us are writing for ourselves from our own perceptions.
When I trust my own inner knowing, the wisdom and direction I need are right here and now.
The other helpful truth to difficulty is to stay totally 100% focused on what is right in front of me—the person, or the task.
When I am present each moment, my life is miraculous and a work of great beauty, goodness and love.

While I have written a lot of personal stuff, my prayer is that it might be helpful for you, entertaining or encouraging, that you might find your own spirit-guided and happy way to live.
Trying to live my life by someone else's expectations or guidebook never worked for me, so I don't expect my life to work for you.
If, by chance, there is something here for you to learn, heal or grow from, have it with my blessing.

I am loving you,
True B'Lue, Betty Lue

Can I wear this on my nose?
Or maybe I can peek through it?

Are you experimenting with what life offers you?