Sunday, July 30, 2006

Goals and Priorities

If you adrift in the sea of life without a direction, where will you go?
If you are floating in time without a rudder or sail, where will you go?
If you have no paddle and no wind, where will you go?
No where.

Life is a gift for us to use and choose.
Life is a laboratory for us to experiment and learn.
Life is a garden for us to plant, cultivate and harvest.
Life is a open sea for us to navigate and find our way home.

First, decide and declare your mission here.
To achieve..
To create…
To give…
To be….
You fill in the blanks.

How are you going to accomplish your mission?
What are you goals?
What is your step by step plan?
What are your contingency plans?
Who are your supporters?
How do you consistently support yourself?
What are the highest values or principles you choose to live by?
When you are ready and willing to choose and write down all of this, you are on your way!

The journey is the journey, a step by step process.
How you experience life is determined by your attitude.
With an attitude of gratitude, you will enjoy every step, including seeming mistakes and failures.
With an attitude of gratitude you will see it all as being perfect in learning, healing, growing, choosing.

To achieve what you believe, you must be willing to conceive of your vision and plan.
You must take time for visioning, faith-building, desiring, planning, committing, action and gratitude.
You mast take impeccable care of the visionary and builder, YOU.
You must make your relationships harmonious, supportive and helpful.
You must let your work be holy, healing and helpful to your fulfillment of your goals.

Life must be meaningful, everyday, every step of the way.
It is for you to see and say how that can be.
Wherever you doubt, question, distract, delay, you are interfering and letting fear enter in.
Wherever you are letting fear lead you, you are walking away from joy and peace and love.

You can set your direction by your north star (What really matters to you?).
Listen within for where your life is going.
Choose and use your life to get your there.
Betty Lue