Thursday, July 20, 2006


How does creation work?
Wherever two or more of us are joined in Love, Freedom and Trust, all things are possible.

To create is to act like a creative being, think like a creative being and appreciate ones' creativity.
To heal is to act and think like a healed and holy beingness and to appreciate one's wholeness.

Healing, wholeness and holiness are all different levels of the same experience of our natural state.
Creativity is the natural function of Love, which is essentially freedom and trust.

Freedom has no limitation, lack or littleness.
Freedom is open to the infinite.
Trust has no doubt, fear, or judgment.
Trust is remembering We are One with our Creator.
We are all created by our Creator to create.
Our natural state in love is to create only wholeness, Goodness and Beauty.
When we are lost in the confusion of our fear and judgment, we may create defenses against the Truth.
When we are unconscious of our creative power or unwilling to take responsibility for our miss-creations, we may feel victimized, punished and judged by our world (a reflection of our inner self judgments).
When we blame ourselves, feel guilty or regret our miss-creations, we often block our creativity.
To create like God is to enjoy and increase our creativity with full appreciation.

Try out this exercise in choice:
I forgive myself for any and all mistakes.
I totally take responsibility for the quality of my life and my relationships.
I am a happy willing learner in life.
I freely release all fear, doubt and judgments of my choices.
Fill in the blanks honestly:
I want my life to be _________, ________, and _______.
I want my time to be_________, _________ and ______.
I want my relationships to be _________, ________ and ________.
I want my emotions to be ______. _____ and _____.
I want my thoughts to be _______, ______and _______.
I want my activities to be________, _____ and ________.
I want my work to be ________. _____ and _____.
I want my home to be ________. _______ and _________.
I want my health to be _______, ________and __________.
I want my finances to be _______, ______and __________.

I deserve to have what I want.
I am willing to have what I want.
What I want is best for myself and best for others.
I am willing to recognize and clear all blocks to the awareness of all Good in my life.
All is in divine order.
I now have what I want.
I appreciate all I have.
I give thanks that my life works.
I forgive myself for forgetting to do the work.
I am willing to take total responsibility for choosing my life.
God wants me whole, happy and free. And I am willing.
My vision for myself is the same as God's and I appreciate this is so.

Blessing your willingness to acknowledge and take responsibility for your creativity.
Betty Lue

Our creative work is simply:
Be crystal clear about what you want.
Be aware and clear all the blocks to having what you want.
(Let go of everything that does not support you in having what you want!)