Sunday, July 16, 2006

Conscious Communication

Are you responsible?
Do you stay conscious?

If you knew every thought is transmitted to everyone everywhere, would your thoughts be more kind?
If you knew every word you speak is teaching children everywhere, would you speak with more respect?
If you knew every action, in private or in public, is known by all people, would you clean up your act?

Every thought, word and deed is teaching all the universe.
We are not alone in what we do. There are no secrets.
Our directed energies affect everyone everywhere.
We are a part of everything and all that is.

To be responsible, we must be able to respond to what comes our way.
To be responsible, we must be respectful and loving with what we do and say.
To be responsible, we must be full of care for what is given us to do.
To be responsible, we must listen to our hearts and be forever true.

This weekend I am offering a facilitation workshop in conscious communication.
The two primary teachings are:
1) Pay attention to what you pay attention to.
2) Bless everyone and everything.

To be awake requires that we take responsibility for our thoughts and heal our judgments.
To be aware requires that we be responsible for our words and how we communicate.
To be conscious requires that we spiritually choose those activities that serve the Good of All.

Being a conscious messenger is a higher calling requires being awake and aware and total responsibility.

Loving you,
Betty Lue