Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Are You Ready?

What would you need before accepting a spiritual assignment?
What keeps you from being open to spiritual vision?
What stops you from freeing yourself to go for it?
What holds you back from doubting your worth?
What prevents you from knowing your life purpose?

Fear, doubt, lack of confidence, insecurity, distrust of God?

What can you do to be ready if and when you are called?
What encourages you to open to an expanded picture for you?
What draws you forth to really trust enough to go for it?
What supports you in believing in yourself?
What are you willing to do to know and value your Mission?

Are you ready, willing and able to follow your dream?
Are you ready, willing and able to take off the emergency brake?
Are you ready, willing and able to believe in yourself and let Spirit guide you?
Are you ready, willing and able to love enough to release all fear?
Are you ready, willing and able to let go and let God?

Life invites us to soar.
Life provides us with support.
Life loves us with freedom.
Life supports us with infinite possibilities.
Life challenges us with no lilmitation.

Life is our gift…
To be fully received and freely given.
Life is our playground…
To be explored and enjoyed.
Life is our classroom…
To be learned from and wisdom shared.
Life is our stage…..
To be try out our dramas, romances and heroic ventures.
Life is our wakeup call….
To be conscious and at choice.

Here we learn and grow.
Here we heal and are healed.
Here we let go and release.
Here we remember and remind.
Here we awaken and become the awakeners.
Such is the Truth.

Enjoy it All.
It is Yours to enjoy!
Betty Lue

This is my wide-eyed morning look!
Notice I have my silk blankie close at hand.
We all need something to hang on to when we are sleepy!