Saturday, June 10, 2006

When Not Right

What do you do when something is just not right for you?
What do you do when you eat a food that doesn't taste right?
What do you do when a medication or supplement causes a bad reaction?
What do you do when massage or bodywork hurts?
What do you do when charged incorrectly at the store?
What do you do when someone speaks to you with disrespect?

Acknowledge yourself for noticing.
Ask within what is the appropriate response.
Respect yourself for needing to care for yourself.
Take responsibility for responding with respect and gratitude.
Treat the other as you would want to be treated.
Be honest with commitment to what s best for all concerned.
Place no blame on anyone. Simply state what is true for you.
Offer appreciation for the other's willingness to hear you.

I ask myself, if there is value in speaking up.
I always spit out food that does not taste right. (Discreetly of course.)
I don't take meds that cause odd sensations in my body. ( I take no medications.)
I let the practitioner know if I am uncomfortable. ( This helps them be more aware,)
Whether I am over or under charged, I let the sales clerk know. (Ethical business benefits everyone.)
I listen within to see if I can facilitate greater respect. ( I always speak respectfully in return.)
I may say aloud, "I really appreciate conscious and respectful service."

In our culture, often aggressive, angry or unconscious people are powerful and get heard.
To teach the patient, kind and gentle person how to be assertive is a fine art.
When we are wanting to develop more respect, responsibility and cooperation, we need to learn.
The assertive person is willing to listen and to speak without condemnation.
Said once with clear intention and focus, our message is powerful and will resonate.
Sometimes there will be a defensive response.
It is important to simply acknowledge, "Thank you for hearing me."
To be defensive, to explain or justify in response leads to argument or disharmony.
To simply acknowledge gratitude for the opportunity to share is helpful.

The outcome we want is for people to be sensitive, caring, fair and respectful.
Therefore, it is important for each of us to demonstrate our sensitivity, caring, fairness and respect.

Blessing our journey together,
Betty Lue