Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What is Your Job?

Gone to my Mother's in North Carolina June 14-18.
Happy Father's Day on Sunday! Back on Monday!
Don’t hesitate to call me if you want some time.
Loving you, Betty Lue

What is your job here?
What have you committed to do in this lifetime?
What is your holy work?
What is your life purpose?

Where you are unsure or complacent, you are at the effect of life circumstances.
Where you sit and wait for external signs, you are like a man adrift in the sea.
Where you have lost your compass or forsaken your path, you have left your True Identity.
Where you exist and survive in this time of uncertain changes, you have lost meaning and value.

Life is a complexity of possibilities, so keep it simple.
Life is a maze of unknown twists and turns, so set your goal.
Life is a kaleidoscope of colors so marvel at the patterns.
Life is a roller coaster ride through peaks and valleys, so celebrate the journey.

Find a simple mission, a north star for your compass, a passion, a purpose or goal.
Set your course and support yourself in living each day with an inspirational direction.
Whatever lifts your spirit and keeps you happy will drive your ship to its rightful destination.
Where you are joyful and living with purpose, you will inspire, motivate and better your world.

I am here to be a loving reminder.
What I do and say,
What I write and share,
How I live and give demonstrate my Real Job, my holy work.

While I may have said it differently, or described my life in other ways, it always comes back to Love.
Teaching Love to those who are love is really reminding those who forgot.
Living Love is really remembering the Love that already is.
Giving Love is simply Being the Love I Am.

I trust you are living your Purpose as well.
If you need help in remembering, listen within.
Search for what has meaning and value to you.
Ask yourself what would make your heart sing and your mind create.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue