Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trust, Commitment, Honesty, Respect

This was written for those who are having difficulty remembering trust, commitment, honesty and respect.
See if you can apply it to any of your relationships including those with friends, children, parents and work associates.

Remember that your love and respect for another is a reflection of your love and respect for yourself.
How you love others speaks volumes about how you love yourself.
How you speak to others demonstrates how you speak to yourself.
How you treat others belies the ways you treat yourself within.
Know that healing our relationship with ourselves heals our relationships with others.

Healing Affirmation:
I deeply and profoundly love, accept and respect myself.

All upset, fear, anger, hurt, judgment is lack of peace of mind or mental and emotional disturbances (hurt, guilt, anger, fear, confusion, distortion, etc.)
Each person must be responsible for his own feelings and thoughts and projecting blame onto another. Each of you must accept total responsibility for your part in this melodrama.
It only takes one to bring peace.
The power of Love, real Love, Unconditional Love is healing.

You must seek to understand one another.
You know you understand, when the other person feels heard, known, respected and valued.

You must clarify your own values and share with one another.
When you find mutual values, you commit to support one another in living true to the highest values you mutually hold.

You must remove yourself from others’ gossiping or complaining to friends, family or even trusted advisors who take sides.
Every time you complain to someone about your relationship, you are breaking their trust and confidence. It creates feelings of infidelity and separation (even if not confirmed.)
Continued loyalty to one’s family feels like lack of commitment to the partnership and will undermine the quality of honesty and trust between you.

And yes, you see in another what is in you, past or present.
Both people participate with similar mistakes or activities which separate rather than bond their union.
Both of you must take this time to become aware of how you created this “mess” and this “stress.”
Then both of you must confess what you are willing to do to heal and create on a new canvas a new creation of union with fidelity, honesty, commitment, responsibility and trust without all this emotional dumping. Dumping your garbage and pain onto a loved one makes everyone sick and serves no value.

I applaud your willingness to continue to love and repair the wounds.

It is time to trust your own choices, to learn to support one another no matter what and to believe in the sacredness of your marriage.

I know forgiveness erases the past.
Love heals and creates hope, faith and new possibilities.
I believe in your commitment to heal the past and create a life of Love."

Loving and blessing our healing relationships,
Betty Lue