Friday, June 02, 2006

True Communication

Judgment separates people.
We attach to our perceptions and cannot afford to be mistaken.
We make the mistake of holding our judgmental opinion or position.
We see, believe and defend the judgment we have made.

True communication invites intimacy and union.
We open fully to seeing from the other's viewpoint.
We listen first without defenses, assumptions or opinions.
Communication facilitates coming together with the intention of respect, understanding and love.

True communication requires respect.
Respect is the willingness to look again.
Respect gives us another's perspective.
Respect opens the door to mutual understanding.

True communication asks us to be able to respond.
True communication is the coming together of both parties to respond to the needs of both.
True communication is the willingness to listen within to the deeper calling of all concerned.
True communication is responding with what is for the highest good of both.

True communication comes from Spirit within.
True communication comes from the forgiving heart.
True communication seeks to extend peace.
True communication is a gift of loving kindness.

True communication dissolves all separation.
True communication sees the wholeness and goodness.
True communication brings a union of souls.
True communication comes from God.

When I have not forgiven, I forget what is true.
When I have forgotten the truth, I have forsaken my Self.
When I have forsaken my Self, I am lost my faith.
When I have lost my faith, I must first seek God within.

I seek, serve, sponsor and support true communication.
Please forgive any errors in my judging mind.
Forgiveness is our gift to one another and to ourselves.
Forgiving myself for forgetting what is forever True.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Inviting you to join Robert and I for wonderful classes and gatherings this summer.
It promises to be a time of healing, transformation and renewed vision.