Saturday, June 03, 2006

Telling the Truth Sets Us Free

Wowie! Zowie! What an experience I had last evening!
For two hours, I was interviewed by God, disguised as four beautiful human beings!
I was in the Presence of those seeking to select a half time minister for a small local new thought church.
Their intention was pure. Their commitment was sincere. Their willingness to be present was inspiring.

While I went to the interview as a faithful servant of Spirit within, I came out of the interview with a passion and excitement for keeping the flame of Truth alive in this community Home of Truth.
Needless to say, I was moved, inspired and strengthened by our time together.
Rarely have I been interviewed and never with as much desire for sincerity, clarity and total truth.
Thank you God!

Much could be said about what transpired among us, but the bottom line is: I felt seen, met and heard…..
While I know our egoic minds were and are evaluating, comparing and perhaps doubting.
I have no doubt that Spirit will guide the direction and outcome of this time well spent.
I see where my life has led me . I know what I am to do.
And I recognize how rich we are when we live and give in Truth.

I was asked: "What is your Truth, Betty Lue?"
This is my favorite question and is rarely invited response in everyday encounters.
"How do you handle conflict?
How do you respond to someone judging you have erred?
How can you commit to a project, place or purpose, when you so frequently have moved on?
What would keep you from performing your functions as a minister of Truth?
How do you see yourself as a follower?
What are the new thought principles you live by?
How do you see yourself living prosperity principles?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
How can you ensure the messages of the new thought pioneers, the Rix sisters, live on?
How will you encourage the active leadership and participation within the church?"
And more.

I noticed in the afterglow, I wondered whether I had fully disclosed the commitment I have to listening and following my inner Voice, living as I am guided day by day. And then I gave it all to God.

I affirm that God and Goodness are the Presence, Purpose and Power in my life.
I know I am being schooled, healed and undone wherever I am mistaken.
I trust that every place in which I find myself is the right place for my highest growth and contribution.
I seek only to serve the Highest Good for All in everything I Am and All I do and all those I serve.
I celebrate being here now and know it is All Good.

Encouraging the thousands who read these reminders to follow your inner voice, even where it seems impossible, irrelevant or unexplainable.
Just show up, pay attention and tell the Highest Truth you know without attaching to the outcome.
This is the Gift of Abundant Living.
Give life your All.

Betty Lue