Sunday, June 04, 2006

Standing Up or Lying down in Life?

Do you take life standing up or lying down?
Are you bending over backwards or moving on?

How we approach our life determines how we experience everything?

Victims find victimization.
Heroes find people to save.
Caretakers find needy people.
Lovers find lots to love.
Fighters see opposition.
Happy people enjoy what comes along.
Achievers get a lot done.
Athletes challenge themselves.
Needy people always see limitation.
Babies look for mothers.
Complainers seek caring listeners.
And more.

If you stand up for yourself, do you push others down?
If you stand up for yourself, by yourself, do you help others stand up too?
If you stand up for yourself, do you value others standing up for themselves?

If you lie down and surrender, do you feel wounded, hurt and humiliated?
If you lie down, do you trust in the learning and blessing that comes?
If you lie down, do you enjoy the rest and demonstrate true forgiveness?

If you bend over and take it, do you play victim and seek vengeance?
If you bend over, do you martyr and sacrifice hoping they will change?
If you bend over, do you realize that co-dependency weakens both parties?

If you move on, do you walk away in triumph and not caring?
If you move on, do you value the gifts of healing and blessing along the way?
If you move on, do you appreciate your demonstration of trust and freedom?

Just a little to ponder, while you choose your approach to life.
Remember, it is your life. You are the chooser. Your attitude determines your perspective.
See life from a higher viewpoint and you will experience life as fun, safe and easy.

It is always our own choice, when we trust life the life journey enough to set ourselves free.
There are no limits except in our limited thinking.

Enjoy the freeway.
Travel at your own speed.
Go in the direction that calls to you.

Goodness and Love Be With You,
Betty Lue

Can you imagine what it means to be supported by those who encourage, trust and free you?
Can you imagine how fun, safe and easy life can be with support when needed and freedom when requested?
Can you imagine how happy, capable and confident you will be with real love in your life everyday?
Why not begin today to give all this to those you love?
What you give you will receive for yourself!