Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is It Time?

Is there time to waste?
Is there time to spend?
Is there time to play?
Is there time to mend?

Have we learned enough?
Have we given our all?
Have we gotten stuff?
Have we had a ball?

It is time to go?
Is it time to stay?
Is it time to wait?
Is it time to play?

Have we earned our wings?
Have we tried to fly?
Have we asked to be free?
Are we ready to die?

Death is the dropping of our body.
Death is the freedom from form.
Death is a spiritual choice, not yours or mine.
Death is the freedom to be, the end of time.

My dear mother-in-law is in her transition process,
Birthing into a new and old familiar way of Being.
She is relaxed and at peace.
She has faithfully served all.
She has completed her work and cleared her space.
She has planned her celebration of life, including invitations, music and place.
Jackie Waldon is a gift of dignity and grace.
She has given the world her kindness and generous heart.
She has reminded us all there is nothing to fear.
She has given her life teaching God is always near.

I am honored and privileged to know her, love her and share this time with her.
All is well with her now, then and in eternity where there is no time and all time.

Are we conscious of our choice?
Have we chosen our contributions?
Do we listen to our inner voice?
Have we given our all?
Are we satisfied everyday with a life well done?
When we know we are whole, the life game is won.

Remembering Love,
Betty Lue