Monday, June 12, 2006

Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth (A new well done documentary, at our local theater)

Yes, you probably already know and have your own beliefs about the environment and global warming.
Yes, you probably care about our planet and what we leave for our grandchildren and their future.
Yes, you probably have heard doomsday theories and have become complacent in your comfort.
But please, don't miss this documentary film.

It is absolutely clear, beautiful, inspiring, awful, scary and amazing.
I highly recommend that you buy the DVD (available in a month) and share it with friends and others.

Yes, we recycle.
Yes, we have a hybrid (part electric car with 45+ mpg.) and another high efficiency Toyota.
And yes, we need to keep looking for the best place to live with the least commute.
Yes, we can do more, just by being conscious and respectful of the earth changes.

Purpose for our Youth (Another current topic observed and requested)
Have you noticed for many youth and young adults, there seems to be a lethargy and lack of purpose?
Have you perceived the glazed or unconscious look in some of their eyes?
Are you amazed by the lack of respect and responsibility they seem to demonstrate?
Could it be we are giving them a sick world with confusing messages and values?

How are we inspiring those who watch our depression, anxiety, alcoholism and TV consumption?
How are we teaching those who perceive our obesity, unhealthy habits and materialism?
How are we modeling enthusiasm, creativity, possibility thinking with our worries and fears?
How does media portray the good life of glamour, youthfulness at all costs and obsession with money?

The days of family meals seem gone, prescription drugs ads are common and legal drugs are the cure for unhappiness.
Getting drunk is acceptable on the weekends, having a daily pastry and latte is essential and fast food is the only way to please everyone in the family. This sounds awful, wasteful, not fun, unhealthy and potentially endangers our culture.
What can we do?

Find a cause…any cause that we really believe in and live it fully.

If our cause is family, support the family in every moment. Make it a passion and a purpose.
If health is our cause, demonstrate and model healthy living on weekends and when no one is looking.
If our cause is spirituality, make it obvious that we are committed to lead an inspired and positive life.
If our cause is to be more giving, then give fully and freely where it will be most helpful and beneficial.

To teach living with purpose, we need to individually and collectively live with passion and purpose…
without abandoning our responsibilities and commitments to ourselves and our loved ones.
To support others living on purpose, we need to feel free to ask others their goals, their preferences,their hopes and their dreams,
their beliefs and ideals and then support others in being true to themselves.
We can only support others’ self realization without sacrifice (making them feel guilty), if we are actualizing are own dreams.

Give the best you know to those you love.
Live the best you know to love yourself.
Life is for giving.
It is in giving that you fully realize the gift you are.
Betty Lue

Let’s teach our children skills.
Let’s teach them to save money.

t’s teach them to love themselves.

et’s teach them to value the earth’s resources.

Let’s teach them to have good manners.

Let’s teach our children by being a good example.