Monday, June 19, 2006


My wise and compassionate mother-in-law Jackie has graduated.
She completed her earthly physical life and has moved on.
Her celebration of life, almost entirely planned and prepared by Jackie,
Will be Saturday, July 1, 2PM In the Diablo Room of Hillside Clubhouse in Rossmoor,
Walnut Creek, CA. Everyone is invited to the celebration and reception.
Robert, my husband and Jackie's oldest son, wrote to family:
"Mom did an excellent job of both living and dying. We (all of you receiving this and many, many more) did an excellent job of both loving her and receiving her love. Our job now is to remember that, while she is no longer physically present, she is always with us. She would not have us grieve, but celebrate."

How can it be that someone we love can leave us?
What is there to grieve if we have both given and received their love fully?
What is there to fear when we know they are always near and dear?
Where is there regret when we see they have completed their mission here?

There are many ways to view death and life.
Each one of us has our beliefs, our faith or doubt, our worries and our joys.
It is in every one of us to find our inner wisdom, the peace that is beyond understanding.
It is in every one of us to listen to the still small voice within, to receive the answers we seek.
It is in every one of us to be willing to set aside our opinions and judgments, to quiet the mind.
It is in every one of us to freely explore the vast fields of the unknown and mysterious.

How can we know what seems unknowable?
Listen closely to the wind.
Watch the stars and moon and sun move in the sky.
Be with the animals in their life cycle.
See the bird, butterfly or bee come at your calling.
Love everything with the love of its Creator.
And you will know.

God and Good is all there is.
Our interpretation that there is not seems meaningless.
Our inner sight that God is in everything, beneath the apparency, gives certainty, purpose and faith.

There are Holy (healed and awakened) ones, those who remember what is forever true, who complete this world with dignity and grace.
As they release their body, they bid us a loving "good-bye for now", for they know there is more.
As we complete our Holy work here:
there is forgiveness and peace,
there is understanding and quiet,
there is joy in the journey,
there is love for everyone and everything.
To graduate from this university, we have the opportunity in the final moment or over our lifetime to awaken our remembering.
This is our life in which to create our experience as it is.
This is our world to heal and transform with our Divine Mind.
This is our opportunity to bless what it with our Holy sight.

Loving All,
Betty Lue

My five days in Asheville North Carolina with my Mom and many friends was a great joy and peace.
All is well with us all.