Friday, June 09, 2006

Being Truly Helpful

Respect differences.
Understand all of us earth travelers are at differing levels of consciousness.
Know that what you see may not be perceived by others.
Be willing to suspend your judgments.
Seek and see the wholeness, goodness and love within everyone.
Answer when questioned with clarity about awareness of what will be received.
Wait with patience and kindness for others to experience their life consequences.

Speak out only when asked or there appears to be potential harm to someone.
Recognize values differences.
Give what will be welcomed.
Take time to listen and really understand.
Be willing to give without sacrifice or expectation.

Listen within and follow what is guided by love and genuine joy.
Everyone is learning.
Everyone is teaching.
Everyone is doing the best they are able and willing in each moment.
Everyone is following their own learning opportunities, beliefs and emotional willingness.
All are exploring and experimenting in life.

There is no right way to be, to behave, to live: each individual is choosing their own way.
We recognize that some genuinely want education and to be offered creative possibilities.
We learn that some want inspiration, to be inspired and motivated to heal and change.
We get that a few are choosing a similar path as ours and will benefit from our help.
We realize that no one is the same as we are, nor can anyone take our place.

Therefore, the work of one being truly helpful with healing, counseling, teaching, etc. is to wait to be invited, asked, appointed to share our knowledge, inspiration and guidance with others.
And when we are asked, we wait again to clarify exactly what, how and when our help is needed.
When we know, we know and proceed with respect for ourselves and for those to whom we give.

Being truly helpful is a fine art.
Proceed with respect, care and gratitude…and you will be asked again for help when the time is right.
Betty Lue

With our children, there are some other implicit assignments. More tomorrow.
Grandpa’s little helper, Lila.

Every child is filled with joy when they are given the opportunity to be truly helpful.

Let us make sure we encourage, value and truly appreciate everyone’s willingness to be of service!