Friday, June 23, 2006

Back to Basics

When life gets full, takes a detour or becomes an obstacle course, go back to basics.

Slow down.
See where you are.
Give your body rest and nourishment.
Quiet your mental agitation.
Give your emotions a love break.
Feed your Spirit with uplifting stuff.
Forgive your errors.
Listen to affirming and positive messages.
Be grateful for who you are.
Appreciate those who are truly helpful.
Help someone in need in simple ways.
Have fun with a little laughter and play.
Be good to yourself in all ways.

You know when you are off path.
The more evolved spiritually, the more sensitive you become.
You have your own barometer (pain, getting sick, off balance, anxiety, money concerns, etc.) that tells you when you have forgotten your purpose and lost your way.
The more you know your spiritual path, the more easily you can tell when you step off course.

When lost, the work is not to find people to console, comfort and commiserate.
When lost, the work is to find guidance and a clear direction back where you belong.
When you miss the turn in the road, you know you erred by the bumpy terrain.
The work is to turn around and get your self on course.

During these light-filled days, we can see (feel) better what is right and true and loving.
When there is more awareness, there is more to do to clear the weeds, and tend our crop.
If we cannot see where we are going or what it is we are growing, stop, look and listen within.
Before we get up and go again, we need to clarify our direction, our function and our goal.

During these busy times with much to do, I am taking my time to stop, look and listen within.
All is well and on course and I am grateful.

Loving you and me faithfully,
Betty Lue

Current Changes:
Just returned from 5 days in NC with my Mom and dear friends (spiritual family).
My blessed Mother-in-law made her transition (birthed into her new life) last Friday.
Celebration of Life in Rossmoor on July 1 at 2PM. She planned it herself.
Supporting Robert in preparing her home for sale within the next month.
Joining a dear friend in business partnership of expanded office space, (same address, bigger suite) July 3.
Beginning again my favorite, our Living Ministry Training Program, here in Walnut Creek, this weekend.
Offering the Sunday Service at Home of Truth in Alameda July 1, as part of my application process.

“Inventory of our diapers is not easy (17, 18, 19......)
But we sure have fun!
Grandma can even make it a game to put it all back sometimes!”