Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All is Well

What we believe, we perceive.
What we perceive, we strengthen in ourselves.
What we strengthen, we encourage in others.
What we encourage in others, we build in our world.

All is well.
When I trust all is well, I free my judging mind.
When I release my judgments, I see what is.
When I see what is, I see only love and the call for Love.

All is well.
When I release my need to fix, I free myself to be.
When I know I am here to live in the Allness of Love.
I know that in me, all is well.

All is well.
No matter what my perception, all is well.
When I remember all is well, I listen within for where to begin.
When I remember Love is Real, I simply live in the Love that Is.

All is well.
Nothing to do,
Love really Love.
No where to be… here right here.

All is well brings peace to my soul.
When I am at peace, understanding comes to me.
When I am at peace, I am whole and I am free.
When I am at peace, life is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you with no agenda,
Betty Lue