Friday, May 12, 2006

Love with Wisdom

I will be out of the country (no email or phone access) from May 14-28.
The twins, Harper and Lila, and their parents, my daughter Hilarie and Daddy Erik, are taking Robert and I to Spain, outside of Barcelona, and also on the isle of Menorca. We are given this gift of travel with these “almost walking and talking one year olds” to learn how to live life fun, safe and easy...loving everyone and enjoying everything. We also may teach them a thing or two about being silly, giggling a lot and being curious about the beauty we see everywhere!! While gone, go to my web site for past reminders archived there or better yet, listen within and write what you hear and feel!. Loving you. Know you are always in my heart for we are One in the Heart of God, the Goodness that simply IS.
Betty Lue

Listen to your heart.
Your heart encourages you to follow the most loving authentic path.
Trust your gut.
Your body tells you when you have neglected or ignored a wrongful position.
Respect your mind.
Your mind reminds you to find what is highest and best for all concerned.
Honor your Spirit.
Your Essence guides you to bless all that is with the Love You Are.

Your whole being resonates with health, happiness and confidence when you are fully Being.
Your holistic Self is alive with optimism, enthusiasm, creativity and vision when you are integrated.
Your more powerful, effective and transformative Self is renewed by your willingness to heal and grow.
Your True Essence shines through the words and deeds of your everyday life blessing your world.

You are here learning to be the bountiful beautiful Goodness of God.
Your are here earning your wings to fly high and free above the fearful chaos of the world.

There is a Real world beyond this world we see in the media.
There is a True safe haven, a home base of healing and Love, that lives within each one.
There is a peaceful possibility that serves you well when you still your mind and open your heart.
There is a loving voice to guide and direct you to safely navigate the storms of life.

Listen within when you mind is open and quiet.
Listen within when you are filled with delight.
Listen within when you resistance is gone.
Listen within and you will hear God's Song.

You are here to be happy.
You are here to be free.
You are here to give Love.
When Love is Who you Be.
Affirmations are to be spoken and written ( at least 20 times daily) for 2 weeks.
Affirmations are to be used to clear away the mental resistance to what is possible.
Affirmations are the mental laxative to free the unconscious blocks to creative living.
Affirmations are the most effective way to let go of limiting programming you cannot see.

I now forgive everyone and everything including myself. I send my light and love to all those in need. I receive the light and love I give as I give what is true. I trust the universe is offering me the perfect Job now. I easily leave every place I go with the best I have. Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Some jobs (relationships, challenges, issues, transitions) are easier than others.
But all have a holy purpose: To love away the darkness by shining your light.
When we start catching the darkness it is time to remove ourselves. And seek the Light.
When you see the Light, you will perceive all things differently.
When you see the Light, you will find the healing and Goodness within.
When you see the Light, you will bless all things, and fully appreciate your Self.

Always loving you and encouraging you to practice, everyday with everyone.
Betty Lue

Oh dear, what have we gotten into?
You drive and I’ll check out the map!

Sure hope you know where you’re going!

I think we just missed our turn!

I got it! I see just where we’re going!!