Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Living or Dying?

Are you dying to let go, rest and ease out of physical life?
Are you finishing the projects you started here?
Does the future look cloudy or grey with little delight?
Are you letting go of jobs, homes, relationships that no longer serve you?
Are you actively releasing the clutter and undoing commitments?
Are you relinquishing duties and obligations?
Are you glad to be done?

Are you excited about your future?
Are you looking forward to all you can and will do?
Are you really living?
Are you alive with enthusiasm and expectancy?
Are you enjoying the creativity of your life?
Are you free to express yourself with song and dance, with words and deeds?
Are you beginning each day with curiosity and wonder?
Do you feel grateful for the beauty, goodness and wholeness in which you live?
Are you filled with awe at the Love and Light within You?

Whether living or dying, climbing or declining, you know which direction you are going.
When you are conscious about the choice to really be here or let go and move on, you are certain.
In confidence, you can easily move on without regret, handling anxieties and concerns.
When you are living, you easily release what holds you back with limitation and delay.
When you are dying, you easily release what keeps you going and growing to rest in trust.

Most are caught in self-made purgatory, stuck in between, afraid to choose.
In doubt, distrust, victimization, you might see yourself as never the chooser and always the loser.
Losing whatever you choose, to live or die, both seem unfortunate.
Purgatory is a state of ‘Damned if you do and damned if you don't’.
You know there are choices to be made, but are stuck in fear of making a mistake….again.
Sometimes there is a learned punishment and penance being paid by one who has erred.
Sometimes there is fear of reprisal by those we might hurt.
Sometimes there is belief that God Him/Her Self might find us flawed.
Sometimes there is just an unwillingness to face the choice to live or to die.
Sometimes we are just doing whatever we can to get by.

Some truth out of the B'Lue:
There is no right or wrong to be feared.
There is no way which ends your life.
To die is to be born again (here or wherever you choose).
Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
Life is eternal.
When we let go of our physical life as we know it, we can recreate it to begin again anew.
When we hang on to what was formerly true, we keep experiencing the same thing again.
Mini-deaths, changes and transformation are occurring all the time in this time/space continuum.
Enjoy the choosing or suffer with being stuck.
Get on with living or with letting go.
It is all coming home to the Higher Truth of the One You Are and Know.

Loving us all, whatever we choose,
Betty Lue

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