Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Letting Go for Love

We think of what we want as things and people who come and go.
We think of what we want as pleasures and events of achievement.
We think of what we want as time to play and do the things we don't give time for.
We think of what we want as what we do not have or may lose in life's fickle game.

What happens when we release our grip and allow the winds of change to play?
What happens when we let it all go is nothing less than freedom and true joy.
Is we are free to create but yet another day.

The child who paints a picture lays it down without a thought to create yet another.
Monks build glorious creations from grains of sand, one at a time, and then sweep it all away.
We can easily let it all go and be glad for the creating, the enjoyment, the beauty and goodness.
To value what is illusive and temporary is fun, but to hang on is futile.

"Attachment is the source of all suffering", according to the Buddhists.
"More light and clear the clutter" are the primary tenets of Feng Shun.
"Release what never belonged to you", except in your mind, eliminates the pain of losing.
"Let Go and let God" comes from those who know.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.…easy enough to say…
But for those who believe they are what they have, it hurts.
Letting go of fear and clinging leaves only love in its wake.
To release it all and find the blessing is the Joy of life.

What can you let go today?
What are your ready to forgive?
What is it that has a fearful grip on you?
What can you allow to pass on by?

To trust what is real and true will always be a part of you,
To cling to nothing and be sure of everything will cast no shadows on your mind.
To fully enjoy this moment now without holding onto yesterday will leave you free.
To be grateful for the experience of visioning, creating, experiencing and enjoying is true prosperity.

I love you and release you and all to your highest Good.
I need but lose my mind from things of this world to perceive but what is mine for all eternity.
I cling to nothing and am blessed by everything./
My life works because I am willing to listen, learn, love and let go.

Always loving and letting go,
Betty Lue

"The hand that holds tightly to the joy of this moment cannot receive the joy of the next."
"The heart that clings to the pain of the past cannot receive the blessings of right Now."

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