Monday, May 08, 2006

All Is Well

When we seek the Blessing in what is, we receive the Gift.
When we seek the mistakes in what appears to be, we can always find something wrong.
When we stop looking by criticizing the surface scratches, we miss the intrinsic deeper value.
When we seek healing, wisdom, goodness and beauty, we cannot fail to find it.

Life offers us many experiences from which we learn what we really value.
When we appreciate what we value, we experience increase.
When we take for granted what we value, we may experience decrease.
Life teaches us to seek for meaning and value through appreciation.

To trust the learning value of all things, we come to recognize our valuable creations.
To celebrate our lives with freedom to create, experience and enjoy, we increase our aliveness.
To fully enjoy what our lives offer, we must open our being to fully learn and appreciate.
All is well when we believe and perceive all is well.

I am happy to be back with you in this way.
I love learning and value sharing with you.
I celebrate our healing and growthful relationship.
I know all is well no matter what appears to be.

I am loving you and loving all endlessly.
Blessed be, Betty Lue

I am finding a way to sit down in my little chair.
Watch what happens when I finally do it myself!!

See my sister Lila watching me?

This is a little tricky at first!

Now comes the good part!

She lets me know she loves me!!!!!