Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's Stopping You?

What is interfering with your dreams?
What is keeping you from accomplishing your goals?
What is in the way of you being happy everyday?
What are you allowing to hold you back?

What is distracting you from your path?
What is dividing your energies?
What is the fear that you allow to interfere?
What is the silent belief you hold against yourself?

Whenever we allow fears and doubts, judgments and past history to hold us back, we become the victims of our own thinking?
Whenever we set ourselves up to be too distracted, detoured and derailed by others' insanity, criticism or emergencies, we lost momentum, focus and direction.
Whenever we believe the world of financial, educational and family

We need to learn to trust our own calling.
We must say YES to our inner guidance.
We must listen to the voices of joy and love.
We must find and follow the path of peace.

Each one of us has many roads to choose in life.
The popular and familiar road is pitched as being safe, comfortable and filled with friends and family.
The different road is seen by most as being dangerous, difficult and uneasy.
Those who travel the familiar way find life's ups and downs with plenty of commiserating companions.

To take a different path is to step our and step up.
To listen within and follow the inner way leads to hope, happiness and inspired fulfillment.
To honor what brings us joy requires courage in the face of nay-sayers, those who discourage us.
To release what does not bring us joy and love and peace requires faith in finding a better way.

Higher ground requires letting go of our attachment to the familiar.
Flying above the crowd asks that we not need the crowd's approval.
To approve of oneself invites us to listen to the inner voice, the voice of our Creator.
The One Who loves us always and unconditionally needs no achievements or worldly success.

Going for it asks that we know we are unlimited in power, potential and peace.
With the All powerful beside us, we cannot be limited or defeated.
With True Love within us we cannot be dissuaded by worldly fear or lack.
With pure Joy in our hearts, we will not allow the negative and pessimistic to dampen our Spirits.

We can say "NO to excuses, procrastinating, waiting for someone or something to happen.
We can say "YES" to what leads us to enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy.
We can live life to the fullest right now, because we choose to fully LIVE.
We can commit to giving ourselves the best so we can be our best for others.

Life works when we say YES to Life.
Nothing and no one can stop me from being happy and in love,
Betty Lue

I see you and I love to have you see me!

You can be as cute and fun as I AM.

Sending you love of Joy energy!

Are you really seeing me or just a reflection of yourself?