Friday, April 28, 2006

Transplanting Your Self

Are you living where you thrive?
Are the conditions right for your best growth?
Are you experiencing what you seek?
Are you blooming where you have planted yourself/

Whether on the job, in a relationship, as a member of an organization, do you have the "right" conditions?
In your climate, state, neighborhood and home, is the energy what benefits your consciousness?

Some signs to look for:
You feel happy just walking down the street.
You want to meet and greet people.
You feel "at home" and at peace.
You are encouraged to be yourself.
You feel healthy, capable and strong.
It is easy to treat yourself well.
You take responsibility for your environment.

Our inner environment belongs solely to us.
We create tour own emotional climate with our thoughts.
We generate a healthy physical vehicle with our self care.
We develop a positive mental attitude with consciousness.
However, our outer environment can seem like beyond our choice.

Being "stuck" in a pot that is too small, can be limiting.
Being "stuck" in a climate too hot and too dry can leave us parched and without enough passion.
Being "stuck" in a climate to damp and too cool can feel depressing and cold.
People grow best where the conditions foster their whole life health.

Just as mold can make us sick, so toxic thoughts can make us ill.
Just as being too much alone, can create depression, so isolating at work can cause lack of doubt and fear.
When you are too much around people who are negative, you may find you catch their darkness.
When you are with people who are prejudiced, gossiping or complaining, you may find you do the same.

What have you become?
Lost or gained weight?
Comparing and envious?
Fearful and judging?
Swearing and easily provoked?
Sick and plagues with depressing thoughts?
Are those the conditions which surround?

Take a look and see what you have.
At least make the best of difficult circumstances by becoming aware.
Add the elements that are missing and delete those which are deleterious for you.
In simple changes in your home with lighting, color, sound you can make a huge difference.

I recommend that you ask yourself:
Where would be the very best environment for me to live?
What would be the very best job for me to have?
Who are the very best people for me to be with?

Make detailed lists of the exact qualities that are best for you to thrive.
Make a commitment to seek out and find those circumstances.
Give yourself time to make easy and healthy choices.
Trust your inner knowing, give yourself alternative experiences.

Making healthy changes are fun, safe and easy for me.
Our creator wants me to be healthy, happy and free.
I am supported by all the universe in having what is best for me.
What is best for me is best for others.
When I am at my best, I easily actualize my potential.
I am capable and deserving of having the life I want to thrive.
I believe in the choices I make.

I am loving you as you transplant yourself into the life that works best for you!
Betty Lue

The twins say, “Let’s get going!”
Mom and Dad need a good bike repair person!

When I fix this, we can go out jogging with Mom.

What do you think? Does that look OK?

Mmm. Just a little fine-tuning here.

OK. We’re ready when you are!