Monday, April 17, 2006

Return to Innocence

What will it take to begin anew?
What will it take to experience a new life?
What will it take to start over again?
What will it take to be enthusiastic and inspired?

Give yourself to Love and Love will give to you.
What this means is that when our lives are given to fear, we experience more of the same.
When we are defensive, self protecting and remember the hurt, we see what might harm us.
When we are blameful or resentful about the past, the past is sure to repeat itself.

There is no magic formula.
Simply that what we are focused on will show up in our view finder.
When we are focused on what has caused despair and discouragement, we are sure to find it.
When we are focused with curiosity, wonder and hope, we are sure to see the wonderful.

Life really is being created every moment by our thoughts and feelings about what we have experienced.
When we take responsibility for our past creations, good or bad, we learn and choose again.
When we are busy blaming husband, friend or the cosmos, we are sure to feel impotent and victimized.
When we forgive our unwillingness to see what we have chosen, we are able and willing to choose anew.

Life really is a moment by moment opportunity to choose again.
Like an Etch-A-Sketch…a little shake of our stuck thinking, will expose a new canvas.
And so we can give our lives to Goodness (God) and our whole lives will be seen for the Good.
We can give our lives to sorrow and self-hatred, and our lives will expose nothing but darkness.

It is easier to let go than you might think.
Just look toward the light and you see the canvas new again.
Of course if you keep taking a peek at what went wrong or your imperfection, that will be seen as well.
Many times we are referring to a past that no longer exists to create what we want our future to be.

How about if we just let it all go and see what will be?

Loving you, loving me and let's love it All,
Betty Lue

Just exploring my world!
You caught Me! I didn’t know anyone was looking.

Yes, I love you just for being in my happy view finder!!