Sunday, April 16, 2006

Passover and Easter

Times of Renewal, Rebirth and Gratitude are all opportunities to celebrate life.
We are called to return the energy of joy, appreciation and love with the blessings of heart and mind.
Our Spirit is renewed in the emergence of innocence, wisdom and the grace of miracles.

What we freely give, we fully receive.
All life is blessed.
Our life energy is increased.
To praise God is to feel God's energetic healing and blessing for us.
To cast out fear and clear the way to freely love our enemies fills us with strength and renewed energy.
To forgive our own depressing thoughts, dark imaginings and limiting beliefs is to cleanse our lives.
To be resurrected is to return to a new life, a new hope, a new way of being which uplifts and creates.

This season is not only one of hope and faith and love, but one of creation, empowerment and becoming.
Now is the time to transcend what is past, unless there is a memory which still reminds and inspires you.
Now is the time to empower and appreciate your vision of possibility in unlimited creation.
Now is the time to remember what is True, to give the best you have and to receive with gratitude.
Now is the time to join together in the union of our souls with all humanity to celebrate Eternal Life.

There is no one left out.
There is no one greater or lesser than you.
There is no place where God is not.
There is no calling more significant.
All paths, all functions, all choices lead us home to the realization of where we are always.

Life is remembering what already is.
La Chaim

To Life!
Betty Lue