Sunday, April 30, 2006


Yes, it is the twins', Harper and Lila's, first birthday party today.
Just to catch you up on their developments.
Lila took three steps alone for some food her Mommy was holding.
But she continues to crawl and walk along furniture.
Harper moves quickly walking everywhere by holding on or inching around on her bottom.
The girls are so different in almost everyway.
They copy one another.
They hug and kiss spontaneously with mostly Lila initiating.
Words are not intelligible yet, except to the most imaginative listener.
But sounds and looks tell all.
Yes, they can point to nose and eyes and ears.

But mostly they are happy, very healthy and strong and soooooo loving of us all.

It is their Love that counts.
Love is their greatest strength.
Love is the power that will guide them.
Love is the gratitude that will inspire them.
Love is their key to lasting happiness.

Today and everyday is your birthday and mine.
It is a day of renewal.
Each sunset brings the option to let it all go with gratitude.
Each sunrise bring the delight of unexpected surprises and creative possibilities.
Each day is our opportunity to grow in beauty and create in love and make whole what was not seen.

Life is a plethora of experiences designed to awaken us to our unlimited selves.
Life is a laboratory in which to experiment with many ways to create and destroy.
Life is a school in which we learn to forgive and let go, to love and let grow.
Life is an unlimited array of opportunities to teach and learn, to give and receive, to do and undo.

Life is for giving.
We are the gifts….to be given to one another.
It is in giving ourselves that we hear and se and know the Gifts of Love We Are.
Let us celebrate today….Life!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Happy Birthday everyone! Remember to celebrate Your Life!!!
It is a nice day in our neighborhood, so let’s explore!