Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Return to Peace

When we have lost our peace, we have stepped off our path.
When we find ourselves in ugliness, we have looked away from beauty.
When we are uncertain and full of doubt, we have listened to our learned fears.
When we feel angry and upset, we have believed we are victims of worldly insanity.

What is insanity but believing in what is made up?
What is being upset but buying into the illusion of our misperceptions.
What is anger but judging without considering the whole truth.
What is healing but remembering only love prevails.

In searching for peace, I must turn away from the conflict.
In seeking peace I must remember to listen within.
In finding peace, I must be grateful I know which way to go.
In extending peace, I must forgive all fear.

In this world of rocky roads, misguided choices, and faulty beliefs, I must listen within to honor my path.
In this time of illusive security and commercial defenses, I must know and trust my Source and Resource.
In all circumstances of confusion and conflict, I must pray for inner peace that passes all understanding.
Within me and you together, we can transcend the world of apparent divisiveness and uncertainty.

The return to peace begins within.
The journey to healing is choosing for holiness.
The path of understanding comes with listening.
We are creating our world with our thoughts, words and activities.
What we perceive and believe we perpetuate.
To turn away from darkness is to extinguish our belief.
To provide more light enlightens what was held in the shadows of our consciousness.
When we see with the Light and Love of God, seeking only wholeness and goodness, we find that which we have chosen to be.

We are created to create Goodness and Beauty.
We are created to extend peace to the minds of all creation.
We are created to bring Love to every heart.
We are created to be the helpful and healing presence on this Earth.

In this we find peace.
In this, we give peace.
In this we have peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue