Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Love is always present

Just like the sun hiding behind the clouds, or in the dark of night, the sun shines, though we cannot see it.
Loving is natural for all beings, created by Love and remembering our Creator.
Only when we get lost or disconnected from our Creator, do we forget who we are.
Only when we mistakenly think there is another unloving creator, do we think others are not Love.
Our work here is to remember.
Our work here is to trust.
Our work here is to forgive the clouds and shine away the darkness.

When all have forgotten, there will be no one to remember.
You and I are here to remind one another.
We are here to keep the flame of hope alive, to rekindle what was dimmed by fear and forgetfulness.
We are here to remind those who have forgotten or perhaps never knew their Source!

When those you know are behaving or speaking or thinking in ways that appear unloving, remember…
You are the conscious One.
You are the one who remembers.
You are the light of the world to awaken and ignite other Lights.
You are the One who can love, where there is a lack of Love.

"Why are you always the One?
When will it be your turn to be loved?

Why do you have to remember to love?

When can you rest and let others love you?"

God rests only when everyone remembers and realizes the Reality of Love.

Be the cause of Love in your life.
Be the cause of Love in your world.
Be the cause of Love being remembered and realized.
Be the cause.

We are all here for the same holy purpose.
Some of us get it.
Some of us don't.
Some get it and want to forget it.
Some get it and celebrate our remembering.

We are here to love.
We are here to heal with Love.
We are here to awaken with Love.
We are here to strengthen our Love.

Life is for giving Love.
You are the gift of Love.
It is in giving the Love you are that you fully recognize the Power of your Loving Presence.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Loving you with a love that is real and true and forever,
Betty Lue

I have three teeth now and a face full of my maple teething biscuit.
I love laughing at my Grandma..And my sister is still napping!