Monday, March 27, 2006

Loss of Connection

Is death the end?
Are we abandoned, when people leave us?
Is there really separation or just the appearance?
Can we remember the universal connection no matter what?

Is time and space an illusion or our own creation?
What is the myth of departure, dying and distance?
How can we be separate when we are truly One?
How is our authentic loving communication unifying?

Do the ego's beliefs determine our reality?
Is is possible there is a real unified field beyond our sensory perception?
Are we allowing the forces of judgment and fear to manufacture temporary barriers?
When we experience abandonment, are we not demonstrating our attachment to the body as real?

I love you and you love me, no matter what our differences.
In our love we are unified as Love, both giving and receiving, ever flowing the Love we are.
I see the Light in You as I see the Light in me. In this we are Love loving Itself.
We are shining our light into the mirror of our consciousness to remember the Light of the Holy One.

Love does not end, it merely changes forms.
If there is no end, there is no death.
If there is no death, there is no loss.
With no loss, how can we grieve.

It is for our forgetting the Love, the Source, the unified field, that we grieve.
It is the loss of our innocence and true wisdom for which we feel hurt.
It is in the remembrance of our authentic Self, the Essence of Love, that we find our solace and Peace.
It is in dying that we are born to new life, the Life without limitation or lack.

I am the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and Wholeness restored.
I am not my body, but I have a temporary body as my communication device.
I am not my emotions, but I have emotions as my way of expressing the energetic messages I share.
I am not my thoughts, but I have thoughts to be used by spirit to inspire and awaken my brothers.

To clear the fears of abandonment, separation and death:
I forgive those who have falsely taught me to believe we are separate and can be alone.
I forgive myself for believing we can be hurt by death and lose our loved ones.
I forgive the mistaken perceptions of all beings.
I trust and know I am one with everyone in the Love I AM.
I celebrate and am grateful for the awareness I cannot be abandoned, rejected or left alone.
I am thankful for the Eternal and abiding Love and Goodness and Beauty in All That Is.

Always with You,
Betty Lue

Try sitting and talking with those who appear to be departed.
Listen to their responses and write what you hear and feel.
Ask to connect through the spiritual internet and phone lines with those who seem to be absent.
Take quiet time to imagine what they might be saying to you.
Those who are clairaudient may hear clearly their responses.
Those who are clairvoyant, may see clearly their presence.
Those who are clairsentient, may feel clearly their beingness.

The ancestors, the grand mothers and grandfathers, are with us even now.
The dearly departed have merely stepped behind the veil of illusion.
We are comforted, strengthened, encouraged and even guided by their presence as we request.
There is a time when each one of us may be called upon to know, to guide, to love from the invisible.