Saturday, March 25, 2006

Healing or Creating?

Reactive or Proactive?
Sustaining or Initiating?
Fixing or Developing?

Are you the maintenance man in your family, your home or at work?
Are you the peacemaker, negotiator or the interpersonal trainer?
Are you trying to make things work or stepping back and following a new tactic?
Are you the one who smoothes things over or uncovers what needs to be forgiven?

Are you the artist, the critic, the buyer or the janitor?

What part do you play in the lives of those who encounter?
Do you provide inspiration and encouragement?
Do you vision, believe and develop something good?
Do you watch and applaud or criticize?
Do you clean up the mess after everyone else is in bed?

Most of the parts we play are unconscious.
They were learned and valued in our family system?
Some parts have lost their initial value and some still are beneficial.
Some parts heal, inspire, create and encourage.
Some parts breed doom and gloom with repeated fear-based story-telling, critical gossip and worry.

We are responsible for what we see and perceive.
We are responsible for what we believe and share.
We are responsible for what we do and how we care.
We are able to respond with our love or our fear.

Changing our minds, our communication and our daily lifestyle does change our world.
Cultivating ideas, sharing constructive possibilities and living in integrity with our values teaches all.
Each of us can establish a mission to create better communication, harmonious relationships, a peaceful home and workplace and hopeful vision for our world.
Each one of us can make a difference and reach out in faith and love and peace to all we encounter.

Questions you might ask:
What can I do today that would be truly helpful?
How can I live today that will be a blessing?
How can I change my interactions to touch others lives?
What can I give myself today that will open my heart to appreciate and find inner joy?

You heal and create a new beginning.
Each day is a new dawn of opportunity to forgive, let go and choose again.

May it be a spring of Love for you,
Betty Lue

The pot of gold lies right in front of you,
when you look for love, beauty and goodness in everything.