Sunday, March 26, 2006

Enough Time?

Participating in a Retreat this weekend sponsored by Institute of Noetic Sciences with Jean Houston and James O'Dea on The social Healer, and social Artist. Rich with diversity, laughter, story-telling, myth and inner process. Most valuable to me is the time to reflect on the land, the glory and beauty of the earth and the magic and mystery of what humanity can create together.
Always remembering Love,

B'Lue Joy

Is your life full enough?
My time is as full, as I allow it to be.

When I need to rest, there seems to be time.
When I need inspiration, there it is.
When I need to give, opportunities prevail.
When I need to listen, I simply stop and be quiet.

When I am consciously choosing how to spend my 16-18 hours/day of waking time, I seek to satisfy my basic personal, relational, educational, inspirational needs. I seek to always and only remember that this is my life, my path, my truth, my gifts to give healing, honor and service to the Highest Good in myself and each One I encounter. Everyday is filled with loving creative and inspiring service through writing, teaching, blessing, learning, bringing peace and order, understanding, creating beauty and extending Love. There is no other purpose than to be happy.

For in giving what I have been given, I am content.
In loving those who come to me, I am at peace.
In blessing the world that appears to struggle and suffer, I am of service.
In appreciating and enjoying the life I have, I increase its goodness and beauty.

Always loving us All,
Betty Lue

Do you know why I send these yummy pictures of little children?
To encourage your loving every little child, especially the Innocent One that still lives in you.
I offer these pictures to you to remember:
Love is your natural state.
Joy is your natural state.
Playful curiosity is your natural state.
Wow! this is a wondrous new playground.
See how I spend my time!

Being loved by everyone.
Learning from everything.
Trusting All That Is Given.
Enjoying the joy of it all.

This is Sofia Grace, Gia’s little 4 month old sister.