Friday, February 24, 2006

Who Do You Judge?

Have you tried walking in the shoes of those you judge?

Judging your parents?
Have you imagined what they might have been thinking and feeling as parents?
Have you considered their background and ancestry?
Have you looked at the times, their friends and financial situation?

Judging politicians and your government?
Have you considered taking on a position of leadership?
Have you imagined leaving your private life and being fully in the public?
Have you tried on their backgrounds, their culture, their beliefs, their responsibilities?

Judging your children and teens?
Have you imagined what living in your home and in today's world might be?
Have you listened to the media exposure and peer group influence?
Have you tried out thinking and feeling about what our kids are offered?

Judging your partner, spouse or those in intimate relationship with you?
Have you looked at what they receive from you?
Have you honored what their intention, attitude and needs may be?
Have you considered their childhoods wounds and future vision might be?

Judging yourself?
Have you been kind and encouraging to you?
Have you been forgiving and appreciative of yourself?
Have you listened to your own heart rather than seeking other's approval?

Perhaps it is time to become accepting of humanity, as a key to healing and actualizing full potential.
Perhaps it is time to let go of the habit of judging and develop a habit of respecting and accepting.
Perhaps it is time to believe in the best which lies often hidden inside waiting to be received.
Perhaps in fully knowing and honoring you, you can more fully trust in the best in others.

Judging others is judging ourselves.
Judgment gets us stuck in that which we judge.
Judgment blocks the flow of loving compassion and genuine kindness.
Judgment interferes with loving.
Judgments are defenses against the Truth.

Forgive your judging mind.
Learn to motivate with appreciation.
Learn to encourage and validate.
Learn to give your best to all, including yourself.
Learn to fully and honestly LOVE.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Here is purity and innocence, wisdom and grace!