Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Gift of Love You Are

When you are healed, you are not healed alone.
When you remember, you remind others.
When you are learning, you are teaching.
When you trust, you become trustworthy.

Life is a circle with no one left out.
Love is a lesson that keeps being learned.
Source is forgotten and remembered endlessly by all.
Joy is rekindled when we realize we cannot fail.

Each act of loving kindness becomes a beacon of hope.
Each word of patient forgiveness is life's healing balm.
Each touch of gentle persuasion soften the aching heart.
Each prayer of profound gratitude awakens sleeping minds.

Within you lies everything whole and good and beautiful.
You are seeking the One You Are.
When you turn your focus to salvation within,
You find unconditional and everlasting healing, wisdom and Love.

You are the Gift of Love waiting to be given.
You are the radiant healing Light seeking only to shine bright.
You are the glorious voice of angelic choirs sharing God's Song.
You are the teacher and wise One you have sought so long.

There is nothing to do, but forgive you.
Listen within and you will know
What to do and where to go.
You are the Gift of Love.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

(We have a few more spaces in our Hawaii Retreat this summer. See menu bar to the left. Rather than listen to your mind, try listening within......)

“Searching for Truth? Maybe it is right in front of you in everything you are and do?
Here's Lila enjoying a little "T" party.