Thursday, February 16, 2006

Forgiveness Sees Things Differently

We have a sleep over with the twins tonight, while parents have a birthday celebration. So no emailed loving reminders tomorrow. Always loving wisdom flowing your way.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Forgiveness erases.
Forgiveness heals.
Forgiveness washes.
Forgiveness undoes.
Forgiveness sets free.
Forgiveness clears the clouds of illusion.
Forgiveness sees the gift.
Forgiveness shines away darkness.
Forgiveness releases guilt and blame.
Forgiveness sees only Love.

Are you willing to wash away what is not Real with forgiveness?
Are you willing to see beneath the surface?
Are you willing to stop believing in temporary thoughts and feelings?
Are you willing to clear away the illusion of learned helplessness?
Are you willing to look for the highest Truth?
Are you willing to see upsets as wakeup calls?
Are you willing to see the Goodness in yourself and others?
Are you willing to trust others do the best they know?
Are you willing to have faith in a Higher Power?
Are you willing to realize all things work together for Good?
Are you willing to let go of fear and return to Love?
Are you willing to release guilt and blame?
Are you willing to let go of wishes, fantasies and fairy tales.
Are you willing to accept people as they are?
Are you willing to release expectations and assumptions?
Are you willing to seek for LOVE until you find it?
Are you willing to suspend your need to be right?
Are you willing to be happy?

With a willingness to forgive all things, we free the clouds of judgment.
With a willingness to forgive thoughts and feeling, we open our selves to inner knowing.
With a willingness to forgive our guilt and blame, we experience opening to more light in which to see.
With a willingness to forgive our limited perceptions, we can begin to see the deeper Truth.

Everything is either Love, inviting out gratitude and enjoyment or a call for love, inviting our extending love and peace.
Both Love and the call for love invite us to give and receive more Love to everyone and to ourselves.

Choose to forgive and love again,
Betty Lue

Always fun and forgiving. Always seeking to love and be loved.