Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Every Day is Special

Everyday is a holiday. ("holy day")
Everyday is important.
Everyday offers happiness.
My experience is created by my perception and languaging.

In the shower (one of my favorite inner listening classrooms), I heard I am to begin to put together Happiness Reminders (already have published Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders and Relationships Reminders, with both Healing Reminders and Healthy Reminders awaiting printing).
"What is the key for my happiness?" I make everyday special.

There is no day or job or relationship I dread, hate or resist.
I get up looking forward to all 'I get to do' that day.
What most people do is say to themselves, what "I have to do", "I should do", "I must do", "I need to do."

That's probably the secret to my happiness, to my accomplishment and the many activities I do easily.
There is no stress, but joy in seeing life as an opportunity to do what I want to do.
Today, I get to see my clients and then walk with Robert, prepare rice and veggies, watch Olympics and finish writing the 2006 newsletter to let you know all the stuff we can do together.
Monday, a holiday, I get to finish and put together a national newsletter for about 500 people.
We get to have a mailing party while watching Olympics. We get to go to the reservoir for a long walk and an afternoon movie.
Tuesday I get to teach a Positive Living class in the community where I live and see clients in my office.
Wednesday I get to take Robert to the airport at 5AM, have quiet time to write to you, see awesome people for coaching and counseling, have a semi private art class, phone coaching appointments and watch American Idol and Olympics.
Thursday, I get to drive to Petaluma at 6AM to be with Gia and Jenni and Sofia for the day and listen to kids read for the morning in Gia's classroom and prepare a salad and take care of a beautiful cooing baby who loves to talk to me and play cards and do homework with Gia and laugh and talk with Mommy Jenni who just loves her new family. Thursday evening I just love my Conscious Healing Class at the local Unity Church where 20+ people meet to explore a wide variety of concepts and tools for truly healing mind, body and Spirit.
Friday I get to go to Alameda at 7AM to spend the day with the twin babies, now almost 10 months old, who will entertain me until their parents come home at 6PM. I get to do laundry, take walks, prepare formula and organic baby food and listen within.
Saturday I get to walk around the reservoir, clean house, do errands, see my clients, write and paint.

Can you imagine how different your life will feel when you see it is all your free will choice.?
Can you get how good it feels to see your whole life as a privilege and honor, to value everything you do?
Can you believe that there is no pressure for you to be or do or have except in your own perception?

Eliminate all "Have to's", "should's", "must's" and "ought's".
Change your words into 'I am choosing', 'I prefer', 'I really want to', 'I get to'…..
Notice the difference in your attitude when you are grateful for the opportunity to do what you want.
Loving y ou,
Betty Lue

PS. To be happy with your life requires that you take responsibility for the life you have. To be content with your life requires that you give up blaming anyone for the life you have. To be at peace with your life requires that you forgive yourself believing others' regrets and complaints. To be joyful with your life requires that you fully enjoy it all, even the stuff you may have disliked. To really love yourself demands that you give yourself the very best in perception, attitude and language. You will be glad you did.

My sister taught me to make a fierce face!

Can you do it too?
Grandma laughs and laughs when I show her my fierce face.