Monday, February 27, 2006

Calls for Help

Do you know where and when and how to respond?
What is the response you give?
How do you respond to anger, betrayal, deception or resentment?

Where there is fear, love dissolves the fear with reassurance.
Where there is anger, love offers compassion for the underlying hurt.
Where there is deception, love tells the truth.
Where there is resentment, love offers forgiveness.
Where there is betrayal, love gives understanding.

When you are not experiencing love, there is a call for love.

Love is listening within and following the voice for Good.
Love is letting go and offering true freedom.
Love is offering kindness and respectful help.
Love is given by telling the highest truth we know.
Love is strengthened by loving ourselves well.
Love is trusted when we make our own course corrections.
Love is received in loving another, as we want to be loved.
Love is honored, when we treat each other with respect.
Love is valued, when we appreciate another's contributions.
Love is healing, when we see only wholeness in one another.
Love is freeing, when we want only for another their best.
Love is transformative, when we forget what was and see what is.
Love is awakening, when we value and learn from every wakeup call.

Remember Love through all life's experiences, and you will know greatness.
Remember Love. no matter what happens, and you will know inner peace.
Remember Love, even when others walk away, and you will know Spiritual connection.
Remember Love for everyone equally, and you will realize God.

Calls for help call us to strengthen Love within.
Calls for help invite us to remember what is Real.
Calls for help teach us to forgive all limited judgments.
Calls for help give us opportunities to realize the Gift we are.

Remembering to Love,
Betty Lue

Love and innocence
Cookie face and all, I am in de Light!