Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Year of the Dog

Happy New Year

While we call this Chinese New Year, this new year is for many cultures and peoples. Perhaps everyday is an opportunity for beginning anew while being grateful for the learning and loving and letting go of yesterday. How would our lives feel if we experienced the infinite possibility of each new dawn?

Have we opened our minds to the possibility that other peoples are perhaps teachers for us?
Have we begun to realize that the condition of the human family is our responsibility?
Are we ready to love all children as our own and to provide them with a fabulous start in life?
Are we willing to listen and learn about the similarities as well as the differences between cultures?

Can we learn from one another about how better to care for our families and our communities?
Can we learn from each loving relationship how to forgive and learn to love again and again?
Can we learn from the teachers how to consistently provide consequences for behaviors/
Can we learn from the native peoples how to honor the sacred bounty and beauty of this earth?
Can we learn from the elders how to live with dignity and speak only when welcomed?
Can we learn from the light workers how to remember to shine our light ever brighter in darkness?
Can we learn from the artists and musicians how to create our world through our inner experience?
Can we learn from our inner voice how to love ourselves into living healthy, holy lives?

Yes, we can learn.
Learning is fun, safe and easy.
We can forgive the harsh lessons and teachers of the past.
We can release our resistance, fear and lethargy.
We can do what brings us hope and inspiration.
We can be happy and free and learn how to master life.
We can appreciate our willingness to let go of limiting beliefs.
We can fully enjoy sharing what we are learning, teaching only freedom and trust.
We can because we are.
We can because we dare.
We can because we care.
We can because we are called to share the best, the brightest, the truest and the most valuable with all.

I am inviting you and me and all we know to make this year, this week, this day and this moment be the beginning the covenant we make with ourselves and our Source to be the holy beginning of the dawn.
Let us each and everyone commit to brighten our own Light and intensify our Love.
Let us forgive, erase and undo everything that is not holy and true.
Let us bring the best we know and heal and grow in being our Best.
Let us set no limits on what anyone or all as One can do.
We are the way to freedom and the path to trust.
We are the Ones.
Now is our time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I believe in you.
I know within you is a calling to contribute.
Give your Highest and Best to each one along your path today and everyday.
And you shall know Great and Lasting Joy and Peace!!