Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Spiritual Life

Are you seeking inspiration and purpose?
Are you ready for renewed faith?
Are you willing to release fear?
Are you committed to undo the false?

What can you let go?
What can you undo?
What can you forgive?
What can you lift up?

The spiritual life is the inspired life.
The spiritual life is the balanced life.
The spiritual life is the healthy life.
The spiritual life is the happy life.

What inspires you?
How can you be more holistic in balancing your whole life?
What can you eat, think and do that will be healthy for you?
How can you give yourself the true happiness you deserve?

It is our right and responsibility to love ourselves well.
Loving ourselves is truly living the spiritual and inspired life.
Today give yourself what inspires you and renews your faith.
Today forgive your fearful thinking and let go of limiting beliefs.

Choose to love you and you will be loving your family, your community and your universe.

Beginning again today,
Betty Lue

I am inspired to jump for joy. I am inspired to see the world through forgiving eyes. I am invited to enjoy each new adventure. I am welcomed to laugh and love and be happy everyday. Innocence teaches us to trust and free ourselves to be.
My first time in the jumper swing...