Thursday, January 19, 2006

Saying "Yes" and Saying "No"

We all must learn to say "yes" to ourselves when it is best.
We all must learn to say "no" when it is not.
We must learn that "yes" and 'No" are both LOVE when imposed accurately.

When we hear "no", we may hear the emotional energy and history behind the word.
To hear accurately, we must stop ourselves with gratitude and ask" What is best now/"
When we hear "yes", we may hear permission and acceptance and miss the Love given.
To hear accurately, we must listen beneath the "yes" and experience the trust and freedom.

"No" says stop and pay attention mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and relationally.
Yes" says go and explore to find what the outcome will be for you.

We get in habits of limiting ourselves and others by saying "no" before we even tune in.
We stop ourselves and our loved ones with fears and judgments, beliefs and resistance.

And we can get into habits of saying "yes" to ourselves and others without really caring.
We dismiss the question and simply go with what is expedient or feels good without taking time.

Love takes time to stop, look and listen.
Loves says no without withholding or losing anyone's love.
Love is patient and listens within more than to what is accustomed.
Love responds to all circumstances with forgiveness of past and objective awareness of now.

Love loves enough to be honest and respectful, always promoting the highest and best for All.
Love is willing to say both "yes" and "no".

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

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Betty Lue