Saturday, January 14, 2006

No Chore, Duty or Obligation

All that I give is given to myself. I have wondered how to share with you the fullness of my joy in sharing time with these children. I have wondered how I can encourage you to love every child with true love, natural love. I have wondered how I can invite my world to treat everyone as an innocent child of Love. I have wondered how You can learn to care for yourself, as you would a precious holy Child.

You may think Robert and I are baby-sitting or care-giving for our grandchildren.
You may even imagine that it is our grandparental duty or to help to their parents out.
You may see us as taking care of their needs, with food, diaper changing, baths, walks, etc.
This is all true, but the real value and real meaning are much more significant.

We were guided to spend Thursdays with Gia and Sofia and Mondays and Fridays with Harper and Lila.
It is a spiritual gift for us to be with these innocent and naturally loving beings.
It is a holy assignment to have the opportunity to be with teachers of holiness.
It is a spiritual practice to be wholly present, in the moment and in joy.

When we are together with these children, we listen with our hearts.
We feel their needs and respond with happy willingness.
When the babies speak to us with sounds, we copy the sounds and add interpretive words.
We laugh and play together, eat and enjoy simple adventures in life, learning to use the body.

Each new skill is celebrated.
Burps and poops are cheered.
Each song is sung with silliness and full enjoyment.
Laughter and smiles prevail.

When happiness is reflected back to you instantly with pure open-hearted joy, it inspires.
When love is received with obvious gratitude and instant response, one's heart overflows.
When there is no separation from loving and being loved, there is a pure delightful connection.
This union with God and the intrinsic Goodness of His Creation is obvious and welcomed.

There is no better way to remember Love than to be in the presence of pure Love.
Love increases when you give it away, and it always comes back with more.
Love is what we are here for, to realize and remember the Love that created us to Love.
What better way than to spend the day in Love, giving and receiving with no withhold!

I am totally loving you,
Betty Lue

In our many years of teaching, balancing and offering conscious healing opportunities and counseling, it was apparent that the primary blocks to loving (woundedness) occurred from conception to age one. The next primary learning of trust and relationship bonding occur before age 5. When we give each infant our very best from the moment we come into relationship, we heal ourselves and do no harm to them. Each and every child, including the one who lives inside of each adult body, deserves to be treated with loving kindness and respect. The only way to remember what love is, is to experience loving relationships.
We are privileged to share in the healing and holy experience of how to stay in love on the planet Earth.

Remember I am here to love You with every loving reminder.
Betty Lue

These are our little friends.
Harper’s fierce face.
Lila is learning the advantages of being on your belly.